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Nycole Freer, CFP®, BFA™


Eden Financial


Passionate about helping others, Nycole has earned a reputation as an entrepreneur who leads with warmth, compassion, and a relentless dedication to helping others succeed.

“When I was almost 20, I went to into a well-known bank branch and spoke to an advisor. I shared that I had $500 to invest. He told me to come back when I had more money. I never went back – instead I became the advisor I was looking for,” says Nycole.

Serving young entrepreneurs, families, women and children for over a decade as a trusted advisor, Nycole is the visionary behind Eden Financial. Founding her company in 2023, Nycole doubled down on her commitment to educating others on how to build a thriving financial life. With the belief that personal finance is “more personal than finance,” Nycole has helped others bring their financial goals to life by first understanding them as people. Investing quality time into building a relationship with each person she serves is of the utmost importance to Nycole.

“I want to be able to help people like my younger self, who had the right financial intentions but who needed guidance on everything from A-Z when it comes to financial planning and investing.”

Sought out for her valued counsel and tailor-made approach, Nycole works with her clientele as their financial “partner,” seeking to educate them every step of the way so they can become more confident along their wealth building journey. With a diverse and comprehensive background, Nycole has built Eden Financial as a one-stop shop powerhouse for those who value quality in both service and results.

Nycole and her firm offer financial planning support in the following areas: college planning, investment planning, retirement planning, life planning, tax planning, debt planning, insurance planning, income planning, social security planning, savings planning, charitable planning, succession planning, estate planning, and legacy planning. She also helps her clientele understand the psychology of financial planning, cash flow management, financing strategies & debt management techniques, as well as how to understand financial statements.

As an inspired leader who knows that true success comes from helping others, Nycole is highly involved in a variety of personal and professional organizations. She believes in following your dreams and never settling for less than your potential. As a mom, wife, health and wellness advocate, and forever student of life, Nycole continues to challenge herself to rise to her potential, and encourages others to never settle for less than what their goals are.

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